Sunday, September 26, 2010

When blogger goes wrong!!

Big apologies for the last post.

If you received it, you may have noticed that the pictures were all over the place and
even some missing.

Blogger have changed the format for downloading pictures AGAIN and I had a liitle trouble with it.
It had a mind of it's own and before I knew it my post was gone and published and I couldn't retreive it.

So here is some eye candy for you.

Some just gorgeous merino thick and thin yarn that I bought at the craft show last weekend.

I plan to knit some wee baby beanies for friends who have granddaughters.

And here is the picture of the Pin Keeper, I bought the kit from Annies in Ashburton.
Now that we have that sorted, I can go and finish my housework YUCK!!
Take Care.

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Love the pin keep from Annies, I must try and get some of those for here. Give up on rearranging the dust just go straight to the sewing, it's more fun. ; ))