Sunday, August 29, 2010


Bit of a gloomy day today, been and done the supermarket shopping, my most detested chore.
Got the fire on and have just finished the stitchery for a new needle case.
It is to replace one that I was given, by a friend and I absolutely loved it and was so proud of it, as a handmade gift says it all, don't you think.

Well that friend and I have parted ways and I feel really odd when I use the needle case and although I have made several others, it just didn't quite compare to THAT ONE.
Funny how people come into your life, some stay forever and some move on.

ANYWAY here are the girls and some of you may recognise them.
I am not a big fan but couldn't resist the lovely bright colours, these patterns are definately not for beginners( Some details for construction  are a bit hit and miss)

So now I will go have a rummage through the stash for some suitably bright fabric and try and make sense of the instructions.
Hope you have some stitching time over the weekend.

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Shiree said...

hmmmm yes, I am sure you have heard the seasons/reasons little ditty about friendships, oh so true.
Lovely stitching tho!!