Saturday, August 28, 2010


No not really, well not the ones with the prickles on.
Today we took a drive down south to Clifton Homestead Nursery, south of Balclutha.

This Nursery has Winter Roses,( Hellebore's).
Another rose that I just can't resist, I have loads of white ones, but I really wanted some dark purple ones and some pink ones.
It was their annual open day and what a beautiful day it was.
We walked around the Homestead garden, where we could see all the different varieties and then headed for the nursery.

We bought eight, two double petal and the rest single petal and we were given two smaller double petal plants for free.

I have just finished planting my Hellebores and they all look fabulous under my big Rhododendron, just waiting for the Hostas to appear and it will look nice and full.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

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Shiree said...

ohI wish I'd known you were going there.... hellebores are one of the few things that do rather well here at this time of the year. And they are so so pretty! Should have phoned you yesterday huh!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend..