Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flower of Love

It is said that the red rose is the flower of love.
We have had such fabulous weather lately, that the roses in my garden have really
taken off.

How timely it should be, that I was able to pick this bunch of roses, on the weekend of Valentines Day.
It's not a day celebrated in our house, but still lovely to think of all the people that do.

A friend of my said to me the other day, "We are too old to celebrate Valentines Day"
And I say to you my friend, "You are never too old for love"

Hope you get to spend the day with someone you love.
Wish you could smell these roses, they are devine.

1 comment:

Shiree said...

so what your plans for tomorrow then, I guess you are never too old for romance huh. On the radio the other day I heard a radio announcer (male)say he thought that Valentine's day is not only for celebrating new and young love, but also for that which has stood the test of time, and I thought how true, particularly in today's throw away world.
Have a wonderful day!