Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ickey Orange and Exciting Mail

Great excitement today, My order from Australia arrived.
It is the new block of the month from Hugs from Helen.
Tis called "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

We have lived in our 1930's house for eighteen months now and I am lucky enough to have a beautiful room to do all my sewing in.
It has really lovely wood paneling and....ICKEY ORANGE painted on the walls above the paneling.
Look at it, how could anyone live with this colour!!

Not anymore.
My husband has finished painting it.
It is a really nice tea coloured cream, called Bunnythorpe, by Dulux.

So now that it is all finished, ceiling painted as well, there is no excuse to not do any sewing.
It feels so new and peaceful.
Tomorrow I will hang all the pictures and that will finish it off.



RobynK said...

Oh that clever Mr R....knee Giddiegal. I am hoping he will enjoy my makeover team then maybe he and Abbykat and your clever self can change my life around.
New Zealand

Shiree said...

mmmm, I ma not a fan of orange either! Good choice changing the colour scheme