Monday, August 31, 2009


Yes I know it has been a while.
I have been soooo busy.
My job takes me out of town alot and there never seems to be enough hours in the day.....You know how it is.
Anyhoo I have made some time to make a sample of this quilt.
I am tutoring a class in Invercargill, for KITZ 'N' Thingz at the end of September at their weekend retreat.
I have made it in flannel and it is raw edge, so once you give it a wash and dry, it will have a nice raggedy edge.

All I have to do now is get it in the post, so the girls can send it off to their quilting lady.

I did have a weekend in Queenstown with the local embroidery guild ladies and we attended a class with Jane Van Keulen. VERY CLEVER LADY
This is not the piece I did at the weekend.
We did something else, which I will show you another time.
THIS is the piece I started at Jane's class in March!!

All the ladies had finished their March project and they shamed me into finishing this before I get onto my next project.

I only have a few more seed stitch sections to finish and then I am going to mount it onto a round canvas.
Maybe next weeks job.
With five weeks until fall market in Houston, I have just found out I will be attending as a buyer for the company I work for.
Yes I can hear you all, OH YOU LUCKY GIRL!
So loads of organising to be done.
Until next time
Happy Stitching

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Shiree said...

Hey Michelle, way to go, you have been doing some stunning work there, and I bet you are so looking forward to Houston- take me in your bags please?