Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend of Whoopsies

This long weekend, I thought I would take the opportunity to finish some projects or maybe start a new one?
I have not been able to complete anything.
For a long time now I have had this project sitting around waiting to be finished for one of my customers, who asked me to do this for them, oh hold on I think I actually offered to do it!
That was last october and it has been on my mind to get it finished.

This is the centre piece for the mat and I have been stitching away trying to get the middle section finished.
Got a little bored with that, as it wasn't happening quick enough for me, so I decided to do this instead.
All going well, cut it out, stitched around the scallop edge and was ready to turn it right sides out.
AAARRRGGHHH what did I do? Cut the backing!

That was whoopsie number one.

The pattern is a hatched and patched one and it is really cute, but I am so over it.....TODAY

Whoopsie number two.
Just had to start a new project and now I am kicking myself.
Last May while I was at the Portland Quilt Market, I got the chance to go to sample spree.
Anyhoo I came home with all sorts of goodies including a fat 1/4 range of fabrics, that I have been waiting to find the perfect project for.

I cut them up before I took a picture.

But saved the selvedge's for a friend, who I know will use them.
The range is called Meadowsweet by Renee Nanneman of Need l Love.

Here is the quilt I am going to make.
From Heather Mulder Peterson's book Fat Quarter Five.
So I spent half the day happily cutting out the blocks and strips for this quilt and set to last night to stitch them all back together again.
AAARRRGGHH!!! I had cut all the strips 1 3/8" instead of 1 3/4".
Fortunately I have taken a days leave tomorrow and may be able to sit and do the math required to pit the quilt together.
Hope your weekend has been a productive one.
Maybe I will let you all into a few wee unfinished secrets in my next post.

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