Saturday, May 30, 2009

As Promised

As promised, I have returned to Blog Land, after quite some time away.
But my time has not been wasted.
Aside from always being away for my work, there have been a few family issues which have taken over the head space.
Anyhoo, as I said I have not been thoroughly in the wilderness.
Let me introduce Sonja, isn't she just gorgeous.
I attended a class with Jill Maas in Geraldine and had such a hoot.
So many great ladies and Jill was fabulous.
She still has a few finishing touches and she will join Jude on the mantel.
I will post a pic of the two of them at a later date.

And another project is this beautiful dress.
I purchased the pattern at Needle N thread in Geraldine and got straight into making it, as soon as my friend Robyn donated an old pair of steel needles to knit the bodice of the dress.
I enjoyed making this, so you may see some other versions of it in the future.

Well how is that for first blog in ages??
Actually I was thinking of having a bit of a change for the layout of this page, But I will have to see if number one computer friend will help me, as I am totally hopeless and all that techno stuff.
What do you think Anne, time to jazz it up a bit??

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