Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Big News!!!

With yesterday being Anzac Day and a public holiday, I spent a good part of the day planning, measuring having lunch and planning.

Here is what you have all been waitnig for.

This is 441 Princes Street, the new home of Needle 'N' Thread, Dunedin.

My husband and I have gone into a partnership with Betty and Ivan from Timaru.
They own Needle 'N' Thread in Geraldine.

The shop is going to be something else, so much space for all that loveliness.

This is the side of the building and downstairs there is the same space as upstairs, for a classroom.

There are going to be some busy times ahead of us and loads of fun to be had.
Keep coming back and I will give you a progress report on what we are up to and when we plan to open.

I can tell you it's not far off!!

With Anzac Day yesterday I took some pics of the poppies still flowering in my garden and spared a few silent thoughts.

Take Care


Fiona said...

That is just the most exciting news I have heard all year!!! Can't wait for you to open.


Michelle Gaut said...

Thanks Fiona,

Great to have so many positive comments

Lyn said...

I agree..this is wonderful news for us all..have just rung a friend to tell her the good news...we'll be watching your progress towards opening each time we drive by..

By Hoki Quilts said...

Hang on tight you are in for one heck of a roller coaster ride - so much fun ahead. Welcome to the little group of Quilt shop owners I hope to be able to pop in one day.
hugs Miche'le