Sunday, April 22, 2012

Knitting, Quilting, Knitting

Just been into blogger for the first time in a wee while and it has all been updated!
Took me a while to find how to even start this post.....LOL!!

I have been super busy, and I know I always say I have been busy, but I mean so busy I
can't even sleep, with all the stuff going around in my head.

I have some very excitng news, that some of you already know and others don't.

But I will share it with you next post, so you will all just have to come back and check it out.

KNITTING... yes the needles have been getting a workout.

New Blogger!!! Don't do this!!!
knew this would happen, any how, finished this baby gift for my Nephew and his partner.
Really enjoyed the baby knitting.

Finally finished this quilt Flight of Fancy by Crabapple Hill.
Gave it to Shiree from The Rowan Tree and she did the most amazing job of quilting it.


Made a pieced backing for it and really like how it turned out.
Thanks so much Shiree, weren't you going to TXT me something??

Then middle son asked me ages ago to knit him a slouch hat and I said NO!

While I was on one of my trips out of town I picked up a pattern for THE HAT!
I told him I would knit any colour, but black.

His choices were yellow, orange or blue.
I decided on orange, as I was not knittig him yellow.
Our student son loves it and it really only took about 4hours to knit.

That's my lot for now, but you have to stop by and find out all the exciting news I have to tell you.


By Hoki Quilts said...

I got a letter about your exciting news and I'm sure you really do have a head full of things running around in it. Without giving your news away all I'll say is I'm sad but happy for you ; )
If you get my drift xx
hugs - Miche'le

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

ph yeh forgot about the txt... will do now. Enjoy your weekend!