Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just for Betty

I can not believe it has been over a month since my last post.

One of my customers kindly reminded me the other day that It's been a while.

So whats been happening?
Well of course there was spring market and I am sure you have all caught up on all the goings on and fabulous pictures, so I won't bore you with mine.
It was great, it always is.

On arriving back into the counrty, it was full steam ahead and straight back into work.
I have been very busy, which is great for this time of year.

But I have had time to do some crafting and sewing.

This is Lily Bear, I bought the pattern and yarn from Betty at Needle N Thread in Geraldine.
I knitted her for a dear wee girl called Molly.

And made her a needle cord pinafore as well.

I have been doing loads of knitting lately, finished a merino possum vest for the youngest son and also knitted a little jumper for my great nephew, which I will take up to him in Nelson next week.

It is very cold and grey outside today, so maybe I will get a chance to do some sewing for myself.
The fabric is piling up in my room.
Should really be in the garden, trying to get the jungle under control, but I don' really do winter gardening that well.
Hope you all have a fab weekend.
Take Care

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