Sunday, May 8, 2011

Now I am Ready

Yep I am all set to go, cos look at what I received for Mother's Day.

A beautiful Briarwood, leather purse, that holds my passport and travel documents, Yep I am all ready to go.
My boys also bought me this new cookbook, written by the first winner of New Zealand master chef.

I am quite fussy about cook books, but this one looks a goodie.

And a very special gift.

My middle son is at Teachers Training College and this week he has been on placement at a local primary school.

The children made wee acorn men and I was lucky enough to get one too.

Hope all the mothers out there had a very special day.

Take Care

1 comment:

Shiree said...

have a fabulous time!!! see you when you get back. I just love the travel wallet - FAB..