Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's all Been Happening

Well Hello, There has been a lot going on around here lately.
A trip to the beautiful Queenstown, for the national quilt symposium.

I had three fabulous days there with my work colleagues, the weather was brilliant.
We attended the prize giving, visited the exhibitions and hung out with friends and customers at the merchants mall.

I really liked the colours in this quilt and the detail.

Then we had Easter, hope you all had a lovely break.

We set off for our few days off to Nelson, a ten hour drive from Dunedin, are we nuts or what!!!
We did have to question ourselves once we got there, as it rained for the whole weekend.

This is the only picture I took while there.
It was on the day we were leaving and the sun was trying to shine.
Ten hours to get there and twelve hours to get home, the traffic was horrendous!!

Since being  back home we have had some lovely sunshine and our wee friend has come back to visit.

Mrs or Mr bossy bellbird, so lovely to have he or she back in our garden.

Well no rest for the naughty, in just over a week I will be winging it to San Francisco, then on
to Salt Lake City for the International Spring Market.

Lots to do, so take care I will try to get back here before I go.
Have a lovely weekend

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