Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blown Away

A few weeks back I commented to my dear friend Robyn, how much
I like the new Avery2 range from Jason Yenter.

Well will you just look at this!!!
Yes my dear firend turned up at my place yesterday with this.
I was so surprised.
Just gorgeous.
I had planned on geting it myself, but just hadn't had the time.

I plan to make this quilt to hang on the wall of the bedroom that our middle son has vacated this year to go flatting.
Just have to get the wallpaper hung first.

It is from this recent issue of Quilt Mania, a beautiful magazine, which I enjoy very much.
So thankyou my friend and now I will have to arrange a wee surprise I think, in appreciation.

Thats all my blogging caught up with.
Take Care


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oooo, nice pressies. Hey Michelle I need samples of taupes so I can order some more ; ))

Shiree said...

I cnnot believe that you are going to be doing that quilt, me too!!!! have a look at my blog, hw awesome, what colours you usuing??? ... but I need to get a few other projects done first!!!!