Monday, February 28, 2011

Special Thoughts

It has taken a few days to sit and write this enrty.

Our hearts and minds are filled with special thoughts for all the people of Christchurch.

On the crafting front I have soldiered on finishing a few things.

I went to the baby shower on Saturday, it was such fun to see all the young mothers there with their little ones.
I made  the pillow, jacket and little hat, well not so little hat.
I think it may fit in 6 months time.
So now we wait, will it be a little boy or girl??

Have to show you our wee madam.

As soon as her dad removed himself from this chair she was up on it quick as.
Too cute I say!!

From the garden this week, Julias's Rose.
It has to be the most pathetic rose bush in my whole garden, but has long been a favourite of mine.
The picture simply does not do it justice.
It is like parchment paper with the most delicate scent.

Wishing you all out there a safe and happy week.

Take Care

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