Friday, February 4, 2011

Moving Right Along

Yes I am staying true to my quest of finishing the half started projects from "The Cupboard of Shame"

Last night I completed this christmas cup.

I started stitching it a long time ago and then it just got put aside.

This is a Red Brolly pattern by Bronwyn Hayes.
I have put a few sewy things in it to give ideas for christmas gifts.

Or you could fill it up with yummy sweets or home made fudge.Mmmm

So now let me think, what will I finish next??

Actually I have a quilt back from the quilting lady, Shiree at The Rowan Tree and it needs to have the binding put on, maybe that can be tonights delight.

Take Care

1 comment:

Shiree said...

you go girl!... good to be finishing projects huh?