Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mirror Mirror

Not on the wall.

Look at what I bought yesterday.
A free standing mirror.

Now when I do my dressmaking I wont have to jump up and down on the sofa to see my creations in the lounge mirror.

It prompted me to get on the machine and make the dress in the picture.

I know I said I would bind a quilt and I did start until I put a huge hole, oh okay a small, but very sore hole in my finger, with the needle.

Two sides hand sewn down and I will do the rest tonight, if I am not too exhausted.

The garden is calling and we have a half decent day here today.

Take Care


By Hoki Quilts said...

LOL. I just had a vision of you jumping up and down to see if things fit properly - oh you're a nut!
Now sweetie, where's a thimble it will save you heaps of pain!

Shiree said...

YAY agapanthas!!!!!@#$%^&*

...'n' dont you have a great thimble there.. Korean???