Sunday, January 23, 2011


Clarice Cliff, that is.

I have had this fabric for a while, we were selling it last year as part of a range.
Two colour ways Blue and Orange.

When I was away for work last week, one of my customers had done some surface
embroidery onto the orange colour way andit was stunning.

So I thought hmmmm, I have a family member with a birthday in February and I got stitching.

 And you guessed it, I am having the best time with blogger at the moment.....NOT!!!
So you can either turn your head to the side or rotate you computer, good luck with the latter if you don't have a laptop.

Just a little bit to go and I will take it into the framers, they will be able to stretch it out nicely to get the picture even, I hope!


Impera_Magna said...

Wow... that's beautiful!

kaye said...

I have that same trouble with blogger--but your sampler is stunning. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on