Saturday, January 29, 2011

Glamour Gardening

Or in other words, gardening with my work clothes on.

Yesterday I got the chance to race around the garden and have a quick tidy up, plant some lettuces and some more flowers.

I did so in my work clothes cos a girl just doesn't have time to whip upstairs and get changed.
Just as well because it rained, AGAIN!!! and I had all my outside chores done and still had time to do some stitching and sewing.
I have finished a few projcts from the cupboard of shame.
This is a blackwork piece that has been on the go for a while and now hangs in my washroom gallery, along with this wall quilt
And some Jennifer Pudney needlepoints.
Also finished this christmas heart...I know christmas has been and gone!!
I started this about two years ago and have had it waiting for a cord.
My friend helped me make it and now I  can tick this off the unfinished list

Another finish that I am really pleased with is this Rabbit Haven stitchery.
Started four years ago and now its finished!!

Even finished this table runner for our dining room and love the colours.
We are going to redecorate soon and I have chosen paint and paper just have to find the time.
Hope you all have a great weekend, I am off to finish another half done project cos it's raining here again!


Shiree said...

you been really busy there Gal, luuurve the bunnies, they are so cute, see you at lunch tomorrow!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Just love the blackwork stitchery and of course the bunnies too. Wow you have been busy. Oh to have a cupboard of shame as you know mine is a room of shame ; ((