Saturday, November 6, 2010

Been There, Done That

Back from Houston Quilt Market, next stop Korea!!!

My boss picked me up at the airport at 8am on thursday morning, just in from LA and told me I am off to Korea for a buying trip.

OMG, my feet were hardly on the ground, never mind, I know you want to hear all about the market.

It was a very successful trip for us business wise, lots of people, lots of buying and lots of fun.

I didn't take loads of pictures  to share, but did take some of the booth at Riley Blake Designs, seeing we are the NZ distributor.
This pretty blue range is Isabella and has just gone in to stores around New Zealand.

Hooty Hoot is another range which we have just recently delivered as well.

And look at these cute sneakers made with Isabella fabric.

We were successful in picking up a new supplier  for  distribution in New Zealand.
They had some really different designs, the quilt below is made from one of the fabric lines we bought.

We had a spare hour to run and I mean run around and take a quick look at the quilts.
This butterfly one was one of my favourites along with some landscape quilts.

I am not usually into landscapes, but you really did have to see them up close to appreciate.

Also made an effort to find the quilts from New Zealand and Australia.
This was truly amazing the amount of work that has gone into this is unbelievable.

And of course Pam Holland had her two quilts in the exhibition as well.

She is a true artist.

Also got a chance to catch up with Rosalie Quinlan, such a sweetie, her booth was gorgeous.

So all in all a good time was had, and it was all over before we knew it and time to fly home.
Had a stop over in LA on the way home so took this pic out of the terminal window.

I will return and show you some goodies I bought.
And in the meantime I need to get my head around my next big trip.

Take Care

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Thanks for the catch up and pics. Fliupping heck girl your air points are going to be great. See you soon
hugs - Miche'le