Monday, June 28, 2010

The Nicest Aussies

Yep you read it correctly, on Sunday I met two of the most lovely Aussie gals.

Leanne Beasley and RosalieQuinlan were in Christchurch for the weekend and I attended the second day.

Lesley from Forget Me Knots bought them out for the weekend.

What a great day and fabulous girls, so talented.

Leanne showed us how to start designing our own quilts and where she gets her inspiration.

Rosalie had a few projects to choose from, some stitching, a cute little bag with hand aplique  and a little honey of a doll.

This quilt  is the original design from Leanne.She based her teaching on this.
Some blocks had stitching and some had applique.

How beautiful is this stitching, white cosmo thread on red linen.
This is the project I chose to do for the day and listened to Leanne talk about designing quilts.

Little applique bag, wouldn't it be a nice gift for a special friend?

And wee dollies, perfect for any little girl.
Talking of girls, in my next post I will do some introductions.
Lovely lasses that I met .

Happy Stitching

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Shiree said...

oh it was such fun huh!!! when will we do it again then???