Friday, October 17, 2008

Still Here

Yes I am still here.
I have been very busy with work, But I have managed to fit in finishing a few projects.
This is a fabulous big pin cushion that I have had on the go for a while.

I also finished these tea cups, that have been waiting to have the checker boarder sewn on.

And in between I have been out in the garden.

Don,t you just love Spring.

These little Auriculas are one of my favourite flowers.

I find them easier to grow in pots, as I seem to lose them in the garden.

So many pretty colours.
And if you look closely you will see an invader, AKA Pansey, still looks cute though, poking it's wee face out over the edge of the pot.
So until next time, hopefully it won't be so long, enjoy your stitching or your gardening.

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