Monday, September 8, 2008


I really love owls and have a few pics here for you.
These two little brass owls I picked up at an antique store.

And these wee cuties are from a blog, just wish I could remember whose, so you could go and take a peek.

And this fibre art of owls was also on a blog I visited recently and just had to save the picture because I really liked it

I have a small collection of Owls and one of my customers gave me a tiny baby owl scissor keep the other day and as soon as I get my camera memory card reprogrammed I will post a picture of it.

What do you like to collect (aside from SHOES) Leave a comment, I am interested to know.


Anonymous said...

What do I collect??? FABRIC!!!!! LOL Not very original eh!

RobynK said...

Well as much as I really like your owls, I prefer to collect fabric (ROFL) all sorts of fabrics. I also like small items that have Scotch Thistles on them. Things like a tiny porcelain bell and a thimble.
Cheers and you have a good week you hear.