Saturday, November 19, 2011

Go Slow

It has been a while.

Life has been whizzing by and I feel like I am on a go slow.

A bit like this snail I spyed in my garden last weekend.
At least I don't have to carry my house on my back.
Now that would make me really slow!!!

So by now you would have read all the blogs out there regarding Houston Quilt Market.
Did you notice any trends while you were browsing through the blogs?

Chevrons were the big noticeable trend, they were everywhere.
Pieced chevrons and chevrons printed on fabric, so you could just cut and quilt.

We did our usual thing and made contact with our suppliers, to place orders and generally have a catch up on the last six months.

 Some of the clever Lecien designers.
Lynette Anderson
 Sarah Feilke
.Natalie Lymer, with her first fabric range for Lecien.
Riley Blake, no pictures of the sales team, they were far too busy writing up orders.

Avlyn, They have an amazing Batik range to be released in NZearly next year.
 Camelot Cottons do these wonderful large panels and my customers always ask what to do with them.
 Love this idea of cuttng them up to produce a slighty more modern look.
Or you could just go with the good old cushions

 But I was really taken with this over night bag.
It was a good trip and took me some time to recover, but I am back on the roads of the South Island and really looking forward to the summer holidays and three weeks up in sunny Nelson at our caravan.

I know, getting ahead of myself, have to get christmas out of the way first.

Hope you all have a fab weekend.
Take care

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Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

the more I think about those Camelot cotton fabrics,the more I like em. they really lend themselves to embellishing in a BIG way! So nice to catch up albeit briefly yesterday.