Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have walked into and out of my sewing room on several occasions this week, including today!

There seems to be so much to do in there that I can hardly think where to start.
It may have something to do with the fact that, last weekend I lay out some unfinished projects to
finish, maybe before christmas...........I DON'T THINK SO!

Anyhoo, I do have some pictures of some fiddeling around.

This pinkeep, by Blackbird Designs.....FINISHED........YES!!

A Jane Van Keulen embroidery FINISHED!!!
I will take this to Christchurch next week for framing.

A Crabapple Hill embroidery  FINISHED!!

Just need to put it on a canvas.
Here is a picture from a Japanese sewing magazine I bought in Melbourne.
I am going to make it with the blue fabric you see to the side.

Just have to draft the pattern and sew a toile first to make sure it fits.

 Also bought a peice of Liberty of London and a lovely Italian voile.
All I need is the headspace to get on to it.

 I had to show you my winter roses, they are beautiful.
We bought the plants last year at an open day and they have grown very well.
Alas they did not look like this, this morning.

They had drooped so much, I had to cut all the flower heads off and float them.

 Aaahhhh much better.

Oh and just before I go, take a look at a special gift from my Polish friend.
She knows how much I like owls, and I am very particular about my owls.

This one is just perfect.
Handmade Polish glass.

Thanks wee friend.
Must go a little girl is giving me the evils, I think it must be dinner time, or maybe she doesn't really do photos.

Take Care

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