Saturday, July 2, 2011

Turning Japanese and an Olfa Injury.

A while back I bought some of this fabric, couldn't resist.
Either you like oriental / Japanese fabric, or you don't.
I quite like it, not that stuff with the gold all over it, the real deal out of Japan, is what I like.
The company I work for travels to Japan twice a year to source authentic Japanese Indigo fabrics.

Which is what I have used to frame my main fabric.

So last night I had my own wee Sew In and went to it, cutting and sewing.
All fabric cut and five blocks made, time for think???

No No No , Not me, just thought I would cut out a few more hexies to add to my pile.
And look at what I did!!!!

Waving that tiny wee cutter around, cutting and stacking, then whoops sliced the top of my finger, right on the knuckle, the bendy bit OUCH!!!
Would it stop bleeding? , NO

Time for bed me thinks.

Oh well me and my head cold are going to take it easy this weekend and mooch around
ready for the busy work week, next week.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Take Care

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh you poor ole thing, a rotten cold and a quilting injury. Time for a chick flick tucked up under a quilt with chocolate (it heals everything). You take care - love your real Japanese fabrics.