Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing with Paisley

Well what a week.

Last weekend was the Wanaka Embroidery weekend.

Had a fabulous time, our tutor was Halen Packer from Dunedin.
We were not given a sample to copy, we had  to use our own imagination and just go for it.

Wow some of the ladies are so clever.

We stitched for two days solid and had a great time chatting as well.

I managed to get my colour scheme together and feel quite pleased with what I achieved.

Now I just have to finish it along with my pomegranite.
These are two new projects, which I had said I was not going to do any more this year.

But Wanaka doesn't count!!

So how do I explain the other new project started at a class in Dunedin that I attended over the past two days!!!

More on that later.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Shiree said...

ooooh bring it along Monday night then huh!