Sunday, March 13, 2011

Guild Day

My friend and I belong to the Queenstown Embroiderers Guild.

On Saturday we took off from Dunedin very early and drove up there for a class tutored by
Toni, one of the members.

The class was embrioidered Pomegranites, such fun!!!
All the girls in this guild are lovely and they were all pleased to have us both there for the day.

Toni did a great job with her students, she is a very talented lady.

There were all sorts of beautiful designs being stitched.

The above pictures are Toni's design to give us some inspiration.

We had some art work displayed for more inspiration as well.

So why is Dorota looking so surprised!!

Maybe it was because we had Pomegranite syrup, fresh pomegranite and ice cream as a treat ay afternoon tea.

Hope you all have a restful Sunday cos that's what I'm doing.

Take Care

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Ooooo, please pack that in your bag so next time I see you I can have a real deal look. It looks really really nice.
hugs, Miche'le