Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Quilting Store

Cottonfields Quilting quarters has finally opened in Christchurch.
This is the most beautiful store.
Linn and Shelley have waited a long time for their venture together and now it is complete.

It was a privilge to get a sneek peek before opening and it was such a treat to see this brand new store all set up ready to go.
Linn and Shelley have put a lot of thought into their special space.
They have been busy making samples while waiting for the purpose built shop to be finished.

All the fittings have been custom made to hold all the fat 1/4's and giftware.

There are loads of treats instore for you when you call to see the girls.

Click on this image to see up close the beautiful quilt Linn made for the shop.

So if you live in Christchurch get yourself around to Merrin Street in Avonhead, or if you are passing through stop in and take it all in and when you have finished shopping there is a fab cafe next door for a good coffee.

I know I've tried one and it was good!

Happy shopping whoops I mean Stitching

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